Lunch with Laurent 1 – Sharad Khare of Khare Communications

22 Apr

About Lunch with Laurent
Everyday for the next 6 weeks, I am meeting with cool and interesting people in my network for lunch or coffee.  I’ve already done a whole week last week but am just starting to blog about it now.  I will try my best to keep this blog updated everyday with some useful takeaways from the meetings.

Yesterday I met with Sharad Khare of Khare Communications.  He is a great marketer, TV host or guest host, public speaker, independent business man and motivator.  You can hire him to produce your brand’s next video podcast series.

Sharad is the person who gave me the kick in the pants to get this project blog off the ground.  We spoke a lot about video blogs, podcasts and blogging for marketing benefit.  More specifically, the conversation was about:

  • determining if you really need a video blog? Or is it just a whole lot of work for no reason?  He actually talked me out of turning this Lunch with Laurent blog series into a webisode series.
  • how to create each type of content – for example what kinds of cameras to use for different types of video podcasts.
  • things to think about when creating content – sure it’s an informal medium, but did you get everyone in  the restaurant’s permission before capturing them on video and posting it on the internet?
  • different ways to make you look good or look bad online – again, this came back to using the right equipment and the right people to make you look good.

From a more motivational and mentoring standpoint, he stressed a few key issues for business and life:

  • only work with people you like and only do things you like doing. Life is to short to deal with assholes and do stuff you don’t like doing.
  • he clearly loves his wife and can’t stress enough how great it is to have someone strong backing you.
  • stay real to yourself. Don’t compromise for someone for short term gain. In the end it never really gets you anywhere and you end up doing things you don’t like doing. Why bother?
  • live with a mantra “I’m the CEO of my own life. What do I want to do from here?”

Thanks for your time Sharad. I really appreciate it.  Everybody else who’s reading this please check the Khare Communications site here

If you are a smart and interesting person who is working on a cool project, I would love to sit down for coffee or lunch and talk about it.  You’ll get some free ideas from me, maybe some help finding the right person to help your business and I will get the subject matter for a future entry.  Contact me through my website or on Twitter.

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