Lunch with Laurent – Michael Grudman of Mogul Media

12 May

Lunch With Laurent – Michael Grudman from Mogul Media Corp.

Last week I had a great lunch with an old time  friend in the film industry, Michael Grudman. Nuba Lebanese Restaurant was the locale and we munched on some chicken, lamb, blackened cauliflower, pitas and humous.  You really must stop into this place for lunch (Hastings @ Cambie, on the corner.)

Mike works distribution in the film industry. His company, Mogul Media, buys, markets and sells various film and television properties.  Of course we discussed his glamourous film life on yachts in Cannes and Monaco, but that’s not where it ends.  Mike let me in on a great new marketing play he’s developed that re-organizes some existing product into a new format for sale into new markets.  I obviously can’t get into the specifics of the strategy, but look for huge amounts from his catalogue to hit shelves soon.

Mogul Media is also looking hard into online video distribution channels and how they can captitalize on the popularity of video sites like Youtube and Vimeo.  There is a large and growing market for web-specific content delivered via these sharing sites.  If you have a great and useable webisode concept, contact Mogul Media through their website.

Their website is being upgraded to integrate some more Web 2.0, Social Media and sharing functions that media companies need to have now. You can see their demo real plus videos of other properties they own on their website here

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