Lunch with Laurent – Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder Records

14 May

Today`s Lunch with Laurent was with Brian Thompson who manages the online strategy, website strategy and social media strategy for Thorny Bleeder Records.  He’s got a tight stable of bands and artists that rely on him to use the internet to get word out about their music, videos and live shows.  3 specific types of people benefit from reading his blog each week – music industry people who want to learn about using the internet to blow up your band, group or artist; artists who also want to pull online promotion tips and tricks from his blog; and regular music lovers who go to his site for tonnes of free music downloads and to discover new artists.

It’s so refreshing to sit with someone who works in the music industry that gets how to use the internet to promote music, promote shows, develop a fan base, interact with fans and reach out to venues and promoters around the word for booking gigs.  Too many times I’ve spoken with music industry people who just don’t get it – they try and lock down their tracks, throw DRM all over their CDs and DVDs instead of trying to set technology free, reduce their production and distribution costs, increase their reach, tie them deeper into their fan base and be able to promote your band or artist into markets never possible as a small player before.

Record labels – you need to get with the future! It’s 2010 now, the old rules from the 70s, 80s and 90s don’t apply anymore.  ”The cheese has moved.”

If you’re an artist or band and know you need to get online, but don’t know what you need to do contact Brian at and he can help you set up a website and your social media profiles.  He’ll also work with you to develop a strategy so that you can gain the maximum benefit from your online efforts.  If you already have some creative ideas that you want to do – but you don’t know how to execute, drop him a line on his website, Facebook or Twitter.


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