Use Freshbooks for your invoicing

17 May

[edit: If you sign up for Freshbooks, please use this link and we can both make a little piece 🙂 ]

I’ve been using a community site called since meeting their CEO last week and their forums are making me type out useful posts in reply to other users there.  The CRM posting I wrote last week came from there and today’s posting about Freshbooks invoicing service was written in response to another user on there.  Here it is below:

What tool do you use for invoicing your consulting clients?

I am a huge fan of It’s a very simple and solid system. It’s very easy to figure out how everything works and very easy to create and track invoices.

There is a free version until you hit 3 clients. After that you need to sign up for a paid version – it was worth it for me to sign up when I had more than 3 clients.

I pay about $20 per month and it’s paid itself off multiple times over.

If you decide to sign up, please use my referral URL. I think we both benefit if you sign up.

Some features I use:

  • Time tracking
  • Email invoice
  • Send snail mail invoice automatically
  • Track invoices by client
  • See when clients have viewed invoices
  • Create account summaries of all sent, paid and outstanding invoices per client
  • Automatic payment reminder emails at 30, 60, 90 days
  • Recurring invoices
  • Remember items so you can create new invoices based on previous ones
  • Integrate with PayPal (or merchant account) so your clients can pay online from bank account or credit card

There are other more detailed features but I don’t really use those. Freshbooks has integrations with a lot of other web-app services and has an API if you want to get fancy.

Great system and highly recommended.

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