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Tommy Taylor: How I Got Arrested and Abused at G20 in Toronto, Canada.

30 Jun

I just read another very sad story about what happened in Toronto at the G20 this weekend.  I am reposting the story here, as written by the author, just in case his Facebook gets blocked or deleted.  These kinds of things have been known to happen.  If you read this, please also repost it with a credit to the original author somewhere else on the internet.

Now I don’t think the $1.2 billion in security money will be enough to cover Continue reading

Optimus Prime playing R&B music on Robson St, Vancouver

27 Jun

Optimus Prime playing R&B music on Robson St, Vancouver

Jessi Johnson on Lunch with Laurent

22 Jun

Today’s edition of the ongoing Lunch with Laurent series wasn’t lunch, but a kind of breakfast.  I met with mortgage broker Jessi Johnson at a False Creek bakery ‘Tartine Bread and Pies’. They don’t actually serve breakfast there but we improvised and came up with a quite tasty variation on a breakfast theme.  You may know Jessi as “The mortgage guy” on 730AM radio where he helps people towards the goal of financial freedom and getting free of their mortgages sooner with his “Own your life” program.

Jessi Johnson and his team run a successful mortgage broker company Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team and make excellent use of online tools to help Continue reading

Some amazing photos and a TED Conference video

16 Jun

From: duncandavidson

Brian Skerry is the marine equivalent of a war photographer. The images that he presented on the Mission Blue Voyage were both beautiful and tragic. Two images that he showed still haunt me. One of them is the bottom of the ocean after being trawled. The other is from under a fishing boat when the by catch is dumped.

Seedbomb Vending Machines

15 Jun

via @jameschutter:
Seedbomb Vending Machines (full Seedbomb website)

Canada Day Boat Cruise – YACHT Thur Jul 1

10 Jun

KlubJunkie & WayDoper present…

★★★ YACHT ★★★



aboard the
Granville Island, Vancouver

Featuring Vancouver’s Best PartyRock DJs


Boarding 1:00pm
Departs 2:00pm SHARP! Continue reading

Scam Alert: Domain Registry of Canada

8 Jun

Scam Alert: Domain Registry of Canada

Do not reply to any letters or unsolicited emails from Domain Registry of Canada They are a scam. They are not an official Government of Canada company – but they do send very official looking documents which they call “advertising”.

My friend just received a very official looking letter in the mail today saying he needed to renew his domain name registration with the Domain Registry of Canada  The prices quoted are outrageous ($40 per year for domain registration Continue reading

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