Scam Alert: Domain Registry of Canada

8 Jun

Scam Alert: Domain Registry of Canada

Do not reply to any letters or unsolicited emails from Domain Registry of Canada They are a scam. They are not an official Government of Canada company – but they do send very official looking documents which they call “advertising”.

My friend just received a very official looking letter in the mail today saying he needed to renew his domain name registration with the Domain Registry of Canada  The prices quoted are outrageous ($40 per year for domain registration, when any other reputable company does this for between $7 – $10 per year.)

What is happening is that these scammers are trolling the WHOIS domain information of other registry companies and sending these letters out to every one of the other companies customers. That’s what I call shady business practice.

If you ever receive an unsolicited letter in the mail from Domain Registry of Canada – this is a scam! Do not send them any money. Just continue to renew your domain name with your existing registrar company.  You should also call this scam company and have them remove you from any unsolicited junk mail lists and any spam email lists. Do not do business with Domain Registry of Canada.  This company is trying to look like an official Canadian government organization – you can tell by the way they’ve designed their logo and by the company name and domain name they have chosen.  This is NOT an official government organization – they are an unscrupulous scam company. Do not send them any money.

If you read the extremely fine print (smaller than credit card terms of service) on the back of the letter you will see that this company is a subsidiary company of “eNom Inc., Brandon Gray Internet Services Inc. (dba and DROC.”  In my opinion, I never do business with companies that have too many other company names or too many “doing business as a completely different name.”  The rest of the small print on the back gets even worse …. for example in the “This agreement will change over time” section they will make changes to the agreement and can post the changes on other sites.  They say it is your responsibility to go and find these changes which may or may not be posted on their own website.

I like how in the small print they directly address the issue of credit card chargebacks.  This means that this shady company receives so many chargeback requests that they feel a need to write it into their advertising copy.  They also mention that the credit card charges you will receive will not come from “Domain Registry of Canada” but will come from a third party payment processor.  This means that payment processing companies think they are too high risk to do business with and will not give them a real merchant account to do credit card billing. This is another huge red flag.  Which other reputable company do you know that talks about chargebacks before even signing you up as a client? Which other reputable company tells you that another – unnamed company – will be charging your credit card?  Probably none.

I am attaching a scan of the letter my friend received. It looks very nice and very official. Do not be fooled by it.

If you receive an unsolicited letter or email from Domain Registry of Canada do not send them any money – it is a scam.  Do not trust this company at all. Do not do business with this company.


6 Responses to “Scam Alert: Domain Registry of Canada”

  1. lou December 17, 2013 at 8:27 am #

    Thanks for all the message,
    I’ve just gotten another letter.
    But decided to see if it was legit.
    Sadly over the years I gave them at least 500 😦

  2. Duncan Cumming June 22, 2013 at 10:15 am #

    i get 10 letters a year from this ripoff company. what a waste of resources but it just proves their marketing works and people get scammed. go to and use code ‘beachballs’ for their cheapest deals….they are the best

  3. May 10, 2013 at 12:21 am #

    Thanks for the post, almost paid them $160…..!

  4. Kane June 9, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    I already knew they were scammer since they try to scam me and i sell and mannage all my domain. they are so fail.

  5. Got Scammed Too January 5, 2012 at 12:01 am #

    My mom received one of these in the mail the other day. I found your site while searching for these guys “Domain Registry of Canada.”

    I thought their letter was very suspect. Glad you wrote this post about them. How is this even legal? It just looks like a total and complete scam. I feel sorry for anyone who gets taken by this official-looking letter. These guys should burn in internet hell.

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