Jessi Johnson on Lunch with Laurent

22 Jun

Today’s edition of the ongoing Lunch with Laurent series wasn’t lunch, but a kind of breakfast.  I met with mortgage broker Jessi Johnson at a False Creek bakery ‘Tartine Bread and Pies’. They don’t actually serve breakfast there but we improvised and came up with a quite tasty variation on a breakfast theme.  You may know Jessi as “The mortgage guy” on 730AM radio where he helps people towards the goal of financial freedom and getting free of their mortgages sooner with his “Own your life” program.

Jessi Johnson and his team run a successful mortgage broker company Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team and make excellent use of online tools to help get their name out and to gain new clients.  We discussed real estate agent marketing and the new vs. old trends of advertising real estate.  The old school continues to print thousands of pieces of junk mail and fill up mailboxes and recycling bins across the country.  In speaking to other realtors, I’ve also found that a lot of them can’t see past paper junk mail as their #1 form of marketing. Yes, really, in 2010 junk mail is the go-to advertising medium for a lot of real estate agents.

You’ll find the new school taking advantage of online tools like custom websites, email newsletters, social media, blogs and custom technology applications to reach out to customers and give much more info on the properties they sell in a much more personal manner. For a good look at how to reach out to people through the internet, blogs and video blogs, see Jessi’s website and watch some of the hundreds of video blogs he has on there with tips about choosing the best mortgage and getting free of your mortgage faster.  When you’re done that, check out his Facebook and Twitter account to see how your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter can all work together to get your message out to thousands of people each day – without destroying trees and blasting out unwanted junk mail into people’s homes.

On his personal site, you’ll find cool online tools like daily-updated mortgage rates, a complete online application system, videos of past keynote speeches and of course his video blog.  For more in person marketing you’ll find the “First Home Buyer” and “Mortgage Secrets” seminars (see site for schedule), keynote speaking events and training seminars.  If anything, I suggest just clicking onhis site and watching the free video blogs.

For more info click on either of his websites at:

PS If anyone from Tartine ever reads this, please add breakfast to your menu 🙂


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