Culture jamming – Chevron spoof ads launched before ‘official’ campaign.

10 Nov

Obviously Chevron lawyers and PR are going crazy over this but, fuck them.  Apparently they are now on a mission to have all of these ads ‘removed from the internet’.  Good luck with that.  I’m reposting here and ask that you grab these images while you still can and repost them as well.

Here’s the original video from Amazon Watch (linked from that got me on to this in the first place.

The non-official, official spoof site is here and you can download full high resolution versions of all the ads here

ABC News ‘reported’ on this and this. It’s where I got the ‘removing from the internets’ quote. You can’t make that shit up.

“Chevron called the spoof ads, “expected” and “illegal,” since they used the company’s logo and imagery. Chevron is moving to have those ads removed from the Internet.”

Here’s the obvious lawyer quote from the real official PR team

“Chevron does not take this attack lightly,” said Hewitt Pate, General Counsel for Chevron. “We invest extremely heavily in our campaigns, and we take them extremely seriously. Such actions can never be tolerated.”

I always love it when people claim they are going to do battle with ‘the internets’.  In this case though, a company like Chevron does have the massive army of lawyers, PR folk and the unending supply of money needed to do this. They might succeed.

Please click and download the spoof ads and repost them on your own social sites, blogs or websites and make the lawyers’ job just a little bit harder.

Download here

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