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Tonight: Remixology 4 – Vancouver remixologists give interactive talk about future of video on the web

25 Feb


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised:
Celebrating Video Innovation with Brett Gaylor


Join Brett Gaylor and Vancouver’s finest remixologists for an interactive talk about the future of the video on the web. Award-winning documentary maker Brett Gaylor will give us an overview of the innovative approaches to interactive online video from around the world.

Along with moderator Gloria Leung (CBC Vancouver) Brett will talk about new directions and experiences with open video tools, and discuss techniques that media makers and citizens might use to deploy them. Finally, the evening’s discussion will look at where the future of web video is going, especially in terms of immediate challenges and opportunities to open video.

Video is an increasingly important aspect of the web — YouTube alone serves around 1 billion videos per day. What better time to talk with one of the world’s leading video innovators?


Brett Gaylor is the project lead for Mozilla’s Web Made Movies project, an open video laboratory researching the intersection of video and the web. Before working with Mozilla, Brett directed the award wining documentary RiP!: A Remix Manifesto, created, helped found, and was a key creative at the Montreal-based production house EyeSteelFilm.

Gloria Leung is the Regional Web Developer for CBC British Columbia responsible for all web components for local programming initiatives and community outreach projects, including the recently launched interactive Vancouver 125 Anniversary multimedia site.


Friday, February 25, 2011
Doors 7pm | Talk 8pm
W2 Storyeum Salon (151 West Cordova)

TICKETS $10 //

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Interview with Charlie Sheen. Pure Gold.

25 Feb

I love Charlie Sheen and I’m down with the movies and TV shows he does.

That said, this interview with Charlie Sheen on the Alex Jones show is koo koo bonkers.  You have to listen to this. Pure gold. Almost every single line in this interview will become a meme in the next few months. Some will start today. Like WINNING!!!!

Listen to Charlie Sheen – interview here (click to stream or right click to save as)

Media Consolidation in Canada – What do Rogers, Bell and Shaw Own?

23 Feb

Found a post on Reddit that lists all the media and service properties owned by Canada’s big three media conglomerates. This list is pretty amazing when you actually see that these 3 giant companies own 90% of all the media you watch, read and hear every day.

Check out the post here with some good comments below.

An Article About Singularity feat Raymond Kurzweil

15 Feb

A few months ago I was introduced to the concept of Singularity – where machines will become more intelligent than men and we will have an option of incorporating a part of ourselves into them or a part of them into ourselves.

Time Magazine has a great article about Singularity with a rather sensational title to ensure it get read “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal“. This is a fascinating concept that hits at everything it is to be human, to be an animal, to have a soul, to live and to die. There are a lot of people against this concept and a lot of people claim it is just science fiction and could never happen.  Me, I see it as inevitable – the where, when and how questions haven’t been answered, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

In just my lifetime, the best computers I used in school just 20 years ago are completely useless compared to the Blackberry I carry around with me everyday. Take that back another 20 years and the greatest supercomputer in the world took up rooms and rooms of space, took scientific teams to run and program – now we have an iPhone that fits in your hand and could dance circles around that amazing supercomputer technology.  Flip this completely, and where will our big and bulky, obsolete Blackberries and iPhones be in 20 years from now? Will they even exist or will they be implanted directly into our bodies and controlled by our minds?

What does this mean for science, for medicine, for our understanding of the universe, for our understanding of life and death? Could we input our soul and consciousness into a machine and ultimately live forever? If we launched a machine/being into space, how far could he/it go before reaching the edge of the universe? So many wonderful and scary questions come out of this if you just let your mind expand and think about it.

Open your mind and read the whole article here Time Magazine “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal”.

Epic Product Reviews – Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife

14 Feb

Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife

So I randomly came across this most epic product off someone’s Twitter posting.  Wenger has designed and sells an 87 implement Swiss Army Knife (with 141 functions.)  If you are ever in trouble or just need that perfect tool, here it is.

The best part of this product are the brilliant Amazon Product Reviews.  Take a quick minute to click over and read some of them.  This thing could kill the Kraken and make you a fresh pot of coffee at the same time.

Here’s the Amazon Product Page. You can buy this beast of a knife for a mere $1,400 (on sale currently for just $902.48.) It comes with free shipping. I don’t think you need insurance for this thing, cause what could ever happen to it?

Here’s the direct link to the Amazon Reviews.

Egypt is Free – President Hosni Mubarak Steps Down- A Historic Day

11 Feb

Amazing! President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has just stepped down after weeks of pressure from real people on the street protesting for the past 3 weeks.  Power has been handed to the military – so let’s hope the people aren’t stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Free and democratic elections are supposed to be held soon and a real president for the people, by the people will be elected.

Apparently the revolution will be on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TV, newspapers, text messages and rises up from the grass roots.

Watch live coverage on Al Jazeera English’s Youtube here

Al Jazeera official site coverage here

Here is the CBC headline and article with some ridiculous statements in the comments section

From the New York Times

A Twitter list of people to follow regarding Egypt

From the Vancouver Sun

Photo gallery day-by-day from New York Times and agency photographers

Congratulations to the people of Egypt! You are a hope for the entire world.

What is Education and How Does it Work?

10 Feb

Came across another great animation by RSA Animates discussing education in today’s world. They mention how public education was created during Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution and then question whether the current setup is still relevant in today’s world of the Information Age.

Check out the video – the narrator explains it much better than I ever could.

Watch the 6S Webinar: 10 Things I’ve learned the Hard Way About the Internet

8 Feb

A friend of mine, Chris Breikks has just recorded a free webinar outlining some of the biggest lessons he’s learned in 10 years since starting 6S Marketing.  This link is to their blog where you can find the link to the video, audio and Power Point slides for the presentation (available free for 90 days.)

Great presentation Chris, I learned some things and got some good insights on entrepreneurship, getting contracts signed and generally doing business online.

Click here for 10 Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way About the Internet by Chris Breikks from 6S Marketing.

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