Egypt is Free – President Hosni Mubarak Steps Down- A Historic Day

11 Feb

Amazing! President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has just stepped down after weeks of pressure from real people on the street protesting for the past 3 weeks.  Power has been handed to the military – so let’s hope the people aren’t stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Free and democratic elections are supposed to be held soon and a real president for the people, by the people will be elected.

Apparently the revolution will be on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, TV, newspapers, text messages and rises up from the grass roots.

Watch live coverage on Al Jazeera English’s Youtube here

Al Jazeera official site coverage here

Here is the CBC headline and article with some ridiculous statements in the comments section

From the New York Times

A Twitter list of people to follow regarding Egypt

From the Vancouver Sun

Photo gallery day-by-day from New York Times and agency photographers

Congratulations to the people of Egypt! You are a hope for the entire world.

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