An Article About Singularity feat Raymond Kurzweil

15 Feb

A few months ago I was introduced to the concept of Singularity – where machines will become more intelligent than men and we will have an option of incorporating a part of ourselves into them or a part of them into ourselves.

Time Magazine has a great article about Singularity with a rather sensational title to ensure it get read “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal“. This is a fascinating concept that hits at everything it is to be human, to be an animal, to have a soul, to live and to die. There are a lot of people against this concept and a lot of people claim it is just science fiction and could never happen.  Me, I see it as inevitable – the where, when and how questions haven’t been answered, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

In just my lifetime, the best computers I used in school just 20 years ago are completely useless compared to the Blackberry I carry around with me everyday. Take that back another 20 years and the greatest supercomputer in the world took up rooms and rooms of space, took scientific teams to run and program – now we have an iPhone that fits in your hand and could dance circles around that amazing supercomputer technology.  Flip this completely, and where will our big and bulky, obsolete Blackberries and iPhones be in 20 years from now? Will they even exist or will they be implanted directly into our bodies and controlled by our minds?

What does this mean for science, for medicine, for our understanding of the universe, for our understanding of life and death? Could we input our soul and consciousness into a machine and ultimately live forever? If we launched a machine/being into space, how far could he/it go before reaching the edge of the universe? So many wonderful and scary questions come out of this if you just let your mind expand and think about it.

Open your mind and read the whole article here Time Magazine “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal”.

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