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Watch all the 2011 Superbowl commercials here

7 Feb

Watch all the 2011 Superbowl commercials here.

People wait all year to see what all the big ad agencies will come up with to promote their cars, beers, tech companies and brands.  There are always some greats and some groaners that tried too hard.  Here are my favourites.

  • Eminem – Chrysler Imported from Detroit
  • Mini Cooper – Cram it in the Boot – Mini Countryman
  • Chatter – Can’t stand the Black Eyed Peas but got to give it up to Chatter for taking out ads on the Superbowl. Super nerdy.
  • Snickers tried to re-do their now famous Betty White commercial but I don’t know if it worked so well with whats-his-name comedian and loud mouth Rosanne Barr.  She might be able to swing this into a comeback like Betty White but ….

Side notes – GoDaddy it might be time to let go of the ‘almost racy half-naked chicks’ thing. It’s not original and it’s not cool anymore. You scored some points years ago by ‘pushing boundaries’ but this campaign is getting played out.

Eminem was in the Chrysler commercial and the Brisk Iced Tea commercial. I wonder how much Em pulled down this Superbowl?

Twelves + Go Go Bizkitt party going off @ Club 560 Vancouver

5 Feb

RUSKO Music Player – Listen to this

3 Feb

Here’s a mix Rusko did for Fenchurch in ’08. Just click play below 🙂


Rusko plays the Commodore in Vancouver Sunday April 17, 2011. For full details click here. Tickets are sold out but you can get some on Craigslist here.

Online Petition to Stop The Meter on Internet Bandwidth Caps in Canada is Working

2 Feb

Everybody signing the petition on Internet Bandwith Caps – IT’S WORKING.

See this article. PM Harper “expresses concern” and is looking into the decision. Hopefully something good can come of this.

Keep forwarding this link » through your networks.  If you haven’t signed yet and you agree with the cause, please go sign now.

I didn’t have confidence in internet petitions to be able to affect change before. I guess it works now.

Listening to Greg Wilson – Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1

1 Feb

ESSENTIAL MIX (by greg wilson for bbc radio 1) by gregwilson

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