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GIVE : A fundraiser event for Fuck Cancer

28 Mar

When we first started Way Doper Events, the plan was always to do a large charity fundraiser in the spring time.  Well that time is now and the charity event we’re producing aims to raise $10,000 for Fuck Cancer.  We chose Fuck Cancer as our donor charity for a few reasons:

1) We know them and knew that working with then would be more simple than working with a giant, mega charity
2) We strongly believe in their cause – raising awareness about early cancer detection and advocating prevention
3) They are very modern and current. Their creative and cutting edge campaigns are  launched via social media and encourage online interaction
4) Our $10,000 goal would help them hugely in running their operation and spreading their word.  We chose this rather than pouring our funds into a giant mega-charity where the $10,000 donation would be a drop in the bucket and we wouldn’t ever really know where it went or what it contributed to
5) We like them 🙂

Event Details:

The event is Friday April 22 at the Jewel Ballroom in Vancouver’s South Granville neighbourhood.  We will be featuring 2 live bands – Myles Bigelow Band & Omar Khan plus DJ Joe Michaels – and will be hosted by local MC Kyprios of Sweatshop Union fame.

Fundraising activities will include a great silent auction featuring art, event tickets, restaurant certificates, pampering and special experiences. We will also have a 50-50 draw, raffle and door prizes.

To  buy tickets, just call any one of us (see flyer image) or click here to buy tickets online.  Early bird tickets are just $25. Once these are gone the price raises to $35 and then $45 so it’s best to get your tickets quickly.

Click here to add yourself on the Facebook event
Click here for the official event website

More about Fuck Cancer on their website here

Power of Social Media: KLM schedules special Amsterdam – Miami flight after a Twitter bet with DJs

24 Mar

DJ Sied van Riel and film maker Wilco Jung made a bet with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that they could fill a plane if KLM would schedule a direct flight from Amsterdam to Miami for WMC Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival.

Through Twitter, Facebook and social media they sold out the flight in 48 hours.  The official hashtag for the all of this was #fly2miami. KLM honoured the bet and scheduled a special direct flight from Amsterdam to Miami.  The flight was complete with a DJ booth, music and a special bar set up on board.  I wish I was on that flight. No screaming babies and a party in the aisles.

I will definitely be using this as an example case the next time someone asks me if “this Twitter stuff is real and how can I use it for my business?”

Here’s the video and a link to the original article.

Click here for full article.

RIP Nate Dogg

16 Mar

Today marks the passing of a West Coast rap legend. The cause is not known yet, but he had suffered 2 strokes in the past few years.  I remember banging doubles of the Regulate single back to back to back to back at every jam back in the 90s at house parties and outdoor jams.

Here’s a tribute mix from DJ Steve1der from back in 2008 to listen to all day today. RIP big homie.

Music: Nate Dogg Tribute Mix from DJ Steve1der

nate dogg

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Video and Photos

13 Mar

Wow! This is just unbelievable devastation. My heart goes out to Japan and I hope the best for a speedy recovery after this catastrophe.

In this video you can see the dry street after the earthquake … and then in less than 5 minutes entire houses start floating by. This is an amazing display of Mother Nature’s power.


The  Guardian newspaper in the UK has a massive photogallery of tsunami photos here.

Canada’s CBC has a lot of ongoing details about the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear fallout from their reactors here.

How can you help?

The CBC has put together a relief page with tons of information about helping and donating to the Japanese disaster. Click here for full information or just click on this image below.

Chasing Mood – Season 2 Launch Party and Screening

8 Mar

Some good friends of mine have a great web drama series Chasing Mood.  If you haven’t seen Season 1, you can watch all 9 episodes online here.

I just received the invite to the Season 2 Launch Party and screening at Cinema Public on Granville Street (at Smithe) coming up on Tuesday March 22 – save the date.

I checked out the Season 2 screener and it looks like they’ve stepped it up a bit, but kept the fun in the series. It also looks like they’ve got a funny new member in the crew.  You can watch the trailer right here.

And here’s all the info for the Season 2 Launch and Screening Party. Come on down if you are an aspiring model, actor, production or just want to schmooze with the cool TV and movie types.

The U.F.O. Disclosure Project – video

1 Mar

This is quite an interesting video about UFO sightings. A steady stream of very high ranking military, air traffic controllers, officers, commercial pilots, military defence specialists with top secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents including nuclear codes, US Airforce commanders and astronauts speaking in front of the National Press Club to discuss their experiences and sightings of U.F.Os.  Every single one of them asks to go before the US Congress and testify under oath.

This is a massive group of very credible witnesses that I haven’t seen assembled before. How is it that this many people have come together to disclose so much information and it hasn’t hit any of the mainstream press and word hasn’t got out to the general public?  One of the witnesses says he has seen military photos of bases and structures on the back side of the moon and an other describes blueprints of an anti-gravity propulsion system.

I’m still trying to figure out what to think about this video. It’s either very true and we should be all over this information right away. Or this is a brilliant and very elaborate hoax… maybe the genius viral pre-screener of the next Bruckheimer or Spielberg movie?

Frankly, I think it would be extremely arrogant for humans to think we are the only living and intelligent life form in the universe. I can believe some of what these people are disclosing in the video and would love to see more.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

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