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Uber50 by UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter)

14 Apr

I used to use UberTwitter to post and read Tweets on my Blackberry until they got shut out of the Twitter API by Twitter and changed their software a bit and changed their name to UberSocial.  When it changed, I tried to use the native Twitter app for Blackberry but it really sucks and I quickly downloaded the free version of UberSocial.  After using the new version for a few days I paid the $4.99 for the full version with no ads. I highly recommend UberSocial for anyone who wants to use Twitter on a Blackberry device (or iPhone or Android.)

So… now rapper 50 Cent has just released a custom theme for UberSocial. There’s a Basic Version for free download and a G’d Up Version for $1.99 that includes new theme art, exclusive 50 Cent sound effects like G-G-G-G-Unit, lots of gun sounds and the classic 50 Cent coin drop sound effect. I haven’t tried it myself and probably won’t, but you can see some video demos and sample artwork on the official Uber50 mini-site here.

It’s a little corny, but you can’t hate on 50 for getting onto this. I imagine he’ll push this hard and get hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of downloads for this new theme.  It is also a very creative use of social media by an artist and something other artists might do in future. It’s great fan interaction, the artist gets paid and it puts the artist into the fan’s hands everyday on their mobile device.  UberSocial themes could become the new ringtone.

KLM #Fly2Miami follow up post

7 Apr

Last week I posted about KLM’s great interaction with customers via Twitter to schedule a special direct flight from Amsterdam to Miami so Dutch DJs, bloggers, press and music fans could attend WMC Winter Music Conference and Ultra Festival without having to switch planes or do layovers as they had to do in the past.

Here’s a great follow up video produced by KLM themselves that shows the party on the flight and is an excellent promo piece proving they are in touch with their customers and down with the younger generation.  You’ll see people dancing in the aisles, the DJ set up and a bar.  Apparently even the pilot was a DJ.  As an interesting aside, this flight won a Guiness World Record as the “Highest altitude dance party”.

See the video below.  The second video is some behind-the-scenes footage of Sied van Riel and Wilco Jung (organizers) meeting with KLM at their office and making preparations for the flight.  The third video shows the Miami Dade  Fire Department coming out to greet the inaugural flight with a little water show.

This is a prime example of how large companies can listen to their customers and use social media for positive press and PR.  I don’t have access to all their info but I would love to see the social media ROI on this little promotion that they set up for free on a Twitter bet. Brilliant.

Fly2Miami Twitter account
#fly2miami buzz onTwitter
#fly2miami on Google
#fly2miami buzz on Google

KLM official video of the flight

Sied van Riel and Wilco Jung preparations for the flight

Miami Dade Fire Department water show arrival

Kyprios: How the West Was One – unofficial Vancouver Canucks playoff anthem

6 Apr

Vancouver’s own Kyprios has released an official / unofficial playoff anthem for the Vancouver Canucks. The song is already hitting the airwaves on local radio stations and you’ll hear it banging out of cars very soon.  Go Canucks Go!

(Don’t forget, Kyprios hosts our GIVE: A fundraiser for Fuck Cancer on Friday April 22 @ the Jewel Ballroom. Full details here.)


Or you can download the song in mp3 here

LIVE at Squamish: Line up announced + Exclusive presale discount tickets

5 Apr

The line up is now announced for Vancouver’s best summer music festival – LIVE at Squamish.  I was there for the inaugural year last year and it was a blast. The venue was beautiful, the festival was well organized and people generally seemed to have a great time.  From all the blog posts, Facebook comments and Tweets the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Of course there were some hiccups that come with a first year concert festival, but we can easily give LIVE At Squamish a pass on those.

If you missed last year, here’s 55 hours of festival in a 4 minute video.

And here is the official recap video.

Scroll down for exclusive pre-sale tickets and discounts before they go on sale to the public 🙂

LIVE at Squamish August 20 and 21

Here is the line-up announcement:

  • Weezer
  • John Butler Trio
  • Girl Talk
  • Major Lazer (Diplo + Switch)
  • Shad
  • The Zolas
  • Dubtribe Sound System
  • more to be announced…

Special Presale Offer $109 weekend pass (Regular price $179)

Presale Starts: Tuesday, April 5 at 10:00am
Presale Ends: Thursday, April 7 at 10:00pm
Password: rockout


FRIDAY, APRIL 8 at 10:00AM

Tickets for Live at Squamish are available at here

[edit: Follow up post with discount Live at Squamish festival passes available]

TOXIC : Alberta Oil Sands report

4 Apr

Great documentary produced by those guys at Vice Magazine that looks at Alberta’s oil sands projects from a few different angles. This comment on the video from user “moobys” sums it up better than I ever could:

I work in the oil sands and I appreciate your documentary. There wasn’t any Greenpeace or PeTA agenda nor were there any gross exaggerations (some documentaries exaggerate the average income, etc). Perhaps with more integrity in journalism people wouldn’t protest the oil sands development from their condo in suberbia sucking back lattes, but come here during our coldest month and see for theirselves how yes, it is a boomtown, and yes, it is a hard life, but look at all the people here who need the development and who don’t want it to go away. We want it just to be managed and safe for everyone here.

There’s an excellent quote towards the end of the 3rd video

This is a huge experiment. This thing is out of control. Produce. Produce. Produce. And that’s where we’re going.

Why the mad rush to take all this oil out? Take your time. Develop safely, make sure it’s sustainable. Instead of taking it all out in 40 years – make it last 200 years so it doesn’t stop.

Video 1 of 3
Video 2 of 3
Video 3 of 3

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