TOXIC : Alberta Oil Sands report

4 Apr

Great documentary produced by those guys at Vice Magazine that looks at Alberta’s oil sands projects from a few different angles. This comment on the video from user “moobys” sums it up better than I ever could:

I work in the oil sands and I appreciate your documentary. There wasn’t any Greenpeace or PeTA agenda nor were there any gross exaggerations (some documentaries exaggerate the average income, etc). Perhaps with more integrity in journalism people wouldn’t protest the oil sands development from their condo in suberbia sucking back lattes, but come here during our coldest month and see for theirselves how yes, it is a boomtown, and yes, it is a hard life, but look at all the people here who need the development and who don’t want it to go away. We want it just to be managed and safe for everyone here.

There’s an excellent quote towards the end of the 3rd video

This is a huge experiment. This thing is out of control. Produce. Produce. Produce. And that’s where we’re going.

Why the mad rush to take all this oil out? Take your time. Develop safely, make sure it’s sustainable. Instead of taking it all out in 40 years – make it last 200 years so it doesn’t stop.

Video 1 of 3
Video 2 of 3
Video 3 of 3

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  1. Sonpall98 November 22, 2013 at 2:54 am #

    Great, thanks for sharing this post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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