Uber50 by UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter)

14 Apr

I used to use UberTwitter to post and read Tweets on my Blackberry until they got shut out of the Twitter API by Twitter and changed their software a bit and changed their name to UberSocial.  When it changed, I tried to use the native Twitter app for Blackberry but it really sucks and I quickly downloaded the free version of UberSocial.  After using the new version for a few days I paid the $4.99 for the full version with no ads. I highly recommend UberSocial for anyone who wants to use Twitter on a Blackberry device (or iPhone or Android.)

So… now rapper 50 Cent has just released a custom theme for UberSocial. There’s a Basic Version for free download and a G’d Up Version for $1.99 that includes new theme art, exclusive 50 Cent sound effects like G-G-G-G-Unit, lots of gun sounds and the classic 50 Cent coin drop sound effect. I haven’t tried it myself and probably won’t, but you can see some video demos and sample artwork on the official Uber50 mini-site here.

It’s a little corny, but you can’t hate on 50 for getting onto this. I imagine he’ll push this hard and get hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of downloads for this new theme.  It is also a very creative use of social media by an artist and something other artists might do in future. It’s great fan interaction, the artist gets paid and it puts the artist into the fan’s hands everyday on their mobile device.  UberSocial themes could become the new ringtone.


2 Responses to “Uber50 by UberSocial (formerly UberTwitter)”

  1. Jessica G April 14, 2011 at 4:57 pm #

    For a guy who’s borderline illiterate on Twitter, you’ve gotta hand it to him for being a smart business man.


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