Personal update – some changes coming

13 May

Hi to all my friends, blog readers and social media followers.  I want to give you a personal update so you’re not taken by surprise when you start seeing more financial links and different related topics sent through my various networks.

Most of you know me from nightlife events, technology events and general online marketing – and I will continue to do all of these. They are my loves and I don’t think I could stop if I tried.  The big update is that I will be doing more financial work in the coming weeks.  I am sitting for the licensing test through Global Financial that will allow me to offer RESP (Registered Education Savings Plans) to kids, parents and grandparents.  My parents contributed to one of these for me growing up and it helped a lot when it was time to pay for university.  Once I get this designation, the path is to offer insurance and then mutual funds.

Those who know me closely know that I have been encouraging my friends to become more financially educated and have actually set up RRSPs for some and advised them to save and buy mutual funds (legally through a licensed dealer.)  The feedback I’ve gotten from sharing this information has always been positive and I’m rather excited to be able to offer it professionally and be able to help even more by being properly licensed and having access to deeper information that I didn’t have access to being non-licensed.

In summary:

Thanks for indulging me. I hope to see and speak with you all very soon.  If you have any questions or would like to talk about any of these, please call or email or leave a comment below.  If you know anybody with young kids that are interested in saving for their child’s post secondary education, please introduce us.

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