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My First Company – Dogma Designs Jeans Company

16 Jan

Some of you may know and lots of you probably don’t know… I launched my first company -Dogma Designs Jeans Company – with a partner way back in 1997 after finishing design school (actually after being kicked out of design school).

This rap video just resurfaced and brought back a lot of memories.  It’s by Vancouver rappers Checkmate and Concise and features Dogma Designs prominently.  This video was played in rotation on MuchMusic and on Rap City (when music TV stations actually played music videos.)  You’ll see all their hats, t-shirts and jeans with Dogma Designs branding. This was our first product placement.  It didn’t really generate us a lot of sales but did up our street cred with the brand.

There’s no lesson or great epiphany that comes with this blog post.  Just a little stroll down memory lane.  Enjoy the video below.  Checkmate and Concise are still putting out albums and music videos as Defenders of the Faith.  Check their website for music downloads, videos and stay on their blog and Twitter.

Here’s the music video in full
Checkmate and Concise – The Longshot

And here’s the album cover featuring Dogma (D) branding front and center

Kickstarter Year in Review – The Best Projects of 2011

11 Jan

kickstarter fundraising

Do you know Kickstarter? It is a website where creative folks can post their project that needs funding and appeal to the Kickstarter community to donate money and help them reach their fundraising goals.  You can Kickstart any type of project from recording an album, making a movie, launching a charity or starting a business.

If you are feeling charitable and would like to donate to some very worthy causes check these out.  If you need money for a project or dream that you are working on, maybe a Kickstarter is for you?

See all the Kickstarter Year in Review – The Best Projects of 2011

Here are some notable video submissions. The Freaker video is awesome and I love the “The Present” clock concept.

[Video] TED Talk: Justin Hall-Tipping “Freeing Energy from the Grid”

4 Jan

Here’s another amazing TED talk from Justin Hall-Tipping. They have solar technology that can be captured in glass surfaces… ie every building in the city could be producing it’s own energy – and transmitting any excess energy to other buildings or back onto the grid.


Energy and power continue to be massive influences on everything that happens in this world.  Have you seen anything else that could help replace fossil fuels?  Please post it in the comments below.

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