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How to Avoid Genetically Modified Food (GMO) – Shoppers Guide

23 Mar

ImageIt’s strange that in Canada and the USA producers are not required to label Genetically Modified Foods (GMO).  Even stranger is that companies who produce non-GMO foods are not allowed (or strongly discouraged) from labeling their products as non-GMO.  This makes it very hard for shoppers in the grocery store to make safe and sound decisions for their families.

Here’s a brief guide that will help you in choosing the best products for your family when grocery shopping.  Note that this guide is in no way comprehensive… there are literally millions and millions of products available on grocery shelves and this guide just covers a few hundred.  GMO labeling laws are the only thing that could help consumers truly know what they are buying and help them make the right decisions when shopping.

CBC News Article on GMO Foods
Official Health Canada mandate on Genetically Modified Food

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