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[PICS] Diner en Blanc Vancouver – Inaugural Event Recap

31 Aug

Thank you so much to 1,200 participants in the first ever Diner en Blanc in Vancouver. You all looked great and the organizers appreciate the efforts you made to look good, prepare an excellent table and excellent food.

I look forward to hosting you again at next year’s event in another spectacular location 🙂


Here’s a recap of the event in photos.

Here’s what the Twitter is saying

From photographer Maurice Li

From photographer Jonathan Evans

From the Vancouver Sun

From Metro Vancouver Newspaper

From CTV News

From Vancity Buzz

From The Province

From Vancouver Is Awesome

From Caya

From Follow Me Foodie Blog

From Joshua Langston of The Social Life


[VIDEO] Can We Predict the Future? Yes. Ray Kurtzweil TED Talks on Exponential Growth in Technology.

22 Aug

Where will you be in 2020? In 2030? What will you be doing? Will you have nano-technology inside of you?

Some will cry outrage and try to block this, but can you really stop technological progress? These graphs show where we have been and where we are going. We do live in truly amazing times.

Ray Kurzweil: A university for the coming singularity

Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology

[VIDEO] Bike Helmet of the Future

14 Aug

Amazing invention by two Swedish women. Watch this video to see how this new bike helmet innovation  works.

You can see the science behind it and purchase online at their website

The Invisible Bike Helmet

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