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[VIDEO] Mike Maloney How to Buy Gold and Silver

19 Sep

Here are a couple of excellent videos from Rich Dad advisor Mike Maloney that explain the basics behind buying gold and silver for yourself. Mike Maloney has developed into one of the foremost authorities on investing in precious metals and on wealth cycles.  You can read more details and get updated gold and silver pricing on his website

Why Gold & Silver? Mike Maloney Tells All About Investing In Precious Metals

Mike Maloney – Silver & Gold Debt Collapse

Buy Mike Maloney’s book on Amazon :: Rich Dad’s Advisors Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

Where to buy gold and silver in Vancouver?

VBCE Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange (3 locations)
800 West Pender Street
(604) 685-1008

Benny Lee & Company
619 West Hastings @ Granville
(604) 683-4241

More Online Resources

Sprott Money
Casey Research
Elevation Group

NOTE!! Never buy or sell gold from one of those Cash For Gold or “Send us Your Gold” dealers. Never, never, never. Only buy and sell from a reputable dealer.

Disclaimer: I am posting these for information purposes and I am not giving you financial advice or telling you to buy gold or silver. Please consult a licensed professional before making financial decisions.

A Bike Made Out of Cardboard [with VIDEO]

19 Sep

A video is worth more than 1,000 words so I will let this video explain everything.

Yes this bike  is really made out of cardboard. The article states that this bike is made from approx $9 worth of materials.

Next step for the company is to get funding for manufacturing. I think a lot of investors would jump all over this… from a Dragon’s Den type show, Kickstarter – or a massive corporate sponsorship from a related company like UPS or sporting like Nike. The global implications for this bike are massive.


Read the original article here


TEDxVancouver: CONFLUENCE Date Announced – Sunday October 21, 2012

13 Sep

TEDxVancouver has announced their date and theme and is accepting registrations.  If you attended last year, you should have received a special pre-registration email that allows you to register before the general public (and gives you 2 invites for friends to skip the line.) If you didn’t attend last year, click on tier website to get on the registration waiting list. You’ll receive an email to register once it opens to the public.

This year’s theme is CONFLUENCE: the meeting and coming together of two bodies of water; merging and ultimately creating a stronger flow. In the spirit of confluence you are the origin for complete interconnectivity at this year’s conference.

Here’s how you can join and connect with this year’s TEDxVancouver:

TEDxVancouver Website (register here)

TEDxVancouver Twitter
TEDxVancouver Facebook
TEDxVancouver Videos
TEDxVancouver Photos

Vital Statistics:

Date: Sunday October 21
Venue: The Orpheum Theater Vancouver
Price: $99 plus service charge and venue fee ($113 total)

For a complete list of speakers and other information, keep an eye on their website as they are updating it frequently with new information.

[VIDEO] Interview Mark Zuckerberg on Mobile and the Next 5 – 10 years at Facebook

12 Sep

Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington interviews Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg at this year’s Techcrunch Disrupt Conference (his first public interview since the IPO in May.)  Some topics discussed include the Facebook IPO, the mobile strategy moving forward, details about Facebook as a platform and some goals for the next 5 – 10 years for the internet giant.

I think the Zuck handles himself very well here and seems very energetic and enthusiastic when answering the questions – even when he gets pressed hard on the “failed” Facebook IPO last May. Obviously shareholders aren’t very happy about the 50% loss in Facebook’s share price, but some key points in the interview should give them some hope. Note when Zuckerberg says they will be making more money off their mobile apps and platform than they are currently making on their desktop site. It seems like he’s got mobile squarely embedded in everything the company is doing right now.

If you want to know where the future is going, listen to this interview carefully… with their 950,000,000 users Facebook can definitely shape the future of technology with their decisions.

Watch the 30 min video interview between Michael Arrington and Mark Zuckerberg here

[VIDEO] Frank Giustra – Lionsgate Films, Goldcorp, Wheaton River Minerals and Silver Wheaton

5 Sep

An excellent interview by Tommy Humphries of Cambridge House with BC billionaire Frank Giustra. He discusses money, inflation, gold, natural resources, entrepreneurialism, mentoring and his philanthropic endeavours with the Clinton Foundation.

From Cambridge House

“We had the opportunity to sit down with Frank Giustra last week, the lion behind Lionsgate Films, and an early architect of countless resource companies—most notably Wheaton River Minerals (now known as the $33B Goldcorp, which spun out the $12B Silver Wheaton), Petro Rubiales (now the $7B Pacific Rubiales), and Urasia Energy.

By all accounts Giustra is brilliant, connected and wealthy. He made headlines in 2007 by pledging over $100 million and half of his future earnings to establish a charitable foundation with President Clinton. Outside of philanthropy however, Giustra has been reluctant to draw attention to himself, and rarely speaks publicly about investing.

In 2002 however, he moved heavily into gold and published, “A Tarnished Dollar Will Put the Shine on Gold”, when it was trading under $300 an ounce. Ten years later and with gold now priced over $1600/oz., it still occupies the largest percentage of his investment portfolio, and his views remain the same.

In discussing gold during the interview he said, “I believe it’s going a lot higher…it’s going to have a parabolic spike, caused by some event or some loss of confidence…a US dollar crisis would be a perfect example. That will cause gold to go through the roof, and then everybody will want to own it…I don’t think we’re even close to that yet…Gold will probably have a much greater run than some of the other hard assets–because it’s also a currency.” (19:16)

On the subject of inflation he remarked, “It’s easier to make money with inflation than with deflation. All you need to make money with inflation is money…Those that influence policy are usually the ones that have access to money, or can borrow it very cheaply… They have a conflict of interest… [Inflation is] where a lot of people are getting rich, and the public is being educated—quote “educated” to accept that type of [inflationary outcome].” (11:10)

When asked about the parallels between today’s Western societies and previous civilizations, he replied that a strong example would be, “Sixteenth century Spain. In just over 100 years, it went from an almost nothing nation, to a great empire, and back to a nothing nation. They became a consumption economy…They waged a number of wars with almost everybody on the planet…because they felt they were a superior nation…[and] that’s what’s happening in America today…There’s no way out except currency debasement.”(15:30)

With respect to the mining shares, he said, “The resource market is in the worst state I’ve ever seen it in…people usually connect irrational and stupid market behavior with peaks of markets, but it takes place at the bottom of markets too. And it’s just as bad [at bottoms]…fear is a much stronger emotion than greed…[There are] companies developing world-class assets trading at pennies on the dollar.” (21:50)

Additional topics discussed included agriculture, success, and mentorship (31:07).

Giustra’s predictions for the western world economies are sobering, but his view of the resource sector is optimistic, and his case for inflation is impossible to ignore. We feel this interview is required listening for all those who seek and desire wealth.

So without further comment, here is billionaire mining and entertainment mogul Frank Giustra in conversation at the Vancouver Club last week. Special thanks to Cambridge House and VC for putting us up, and to Frank for joining the program.”


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