[VIDEO] Interview Mark Zuckerberg on Mobile and the Next 5 – 10 years at Facebook

12 Sep

Techcrunch’s Michael Arrington interviews Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg at this year’s Techcrunch Disrupt Conference (his first public interview since the IPO in May.)  Some topics discussed include the Facebook IPO, the mobile strategy moving forward, details about Facebook as a platform and some goals for the next 5 – 10 years for the internet giant.

I think the Zuck handles himself very well here and seems very energetic and enthusiastic when answering the questions – even when he gets pressed hard on the “failed” Facebook IPO last May. Obviously shareholders aren’t very happy about the 50% loss in Facebook’s share price, but some key points in the interview should give them some hope. Note when Zuckerberg says they will be making more money off their mobile apps and platform than they are currently making on their desktop site. It seems like he’s got mobile squarely embedded in everything the company is doing right now.

If you want to know where the future is going, listen to this interview carefully… with their 950,000,000 users Facebook can definitely shape the future of technology with their decisions.

Watch the 30 min video interview between Michael Arrington and Mark Zuckerberg here


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