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How to Sit in a Chair and Enjoy a Cup of Tea

15 Jan

A great read from the Raptitude blog.  In today’s go go go world, sometimes all we need to do is stop and do nothing.

First, slow down, like you’ve just turned off the highway into a quiet neighborhood. Normal rat-race speed is unsuitable for what we’re about to do. Hurrying through the process of relaxing defeats its purpose.

cup of tea


[MUSIC] Benji B and his String Ensemble full mix

3 Jan

Smashing new mix to get you into 2013.

Benji B with a 16 piece string ensemble for a 52 minute mix. Recorded live at BBC Maida Vale studios.

It gets better and better as it goes along.

Here’s just the strings part in video.

Here’s the full 2 hour show on BBC Radio 1


A Bike Made Out of Cardboard [with VIDEO]

19 Sep

A video is worth more than 1,000 words so I will let this video explain everything.

Yes this bike  is really made out of cardboard. The article states that this bike is made from approx $9 worth of materials.

Next step for the company is to get funding for manufacturing. I think a lot of investors would jump all over this… from a Dragon’s Den type show, Kickstarter – or a massive corporate sponsorship from a related company like UPS or sporting like Nike. The global implications for this bike are massive.


Read the original article here


[VIDEO] Can We Predict the Future? Yes. Ray Kurtzweil TED Talks on Exponential Growth in Technology.

22 Aug

Where will you be in 2020? In 2030? What will you be doing? Will you have nano-technology inside of you?

Some will cry outrage and try to block this, but can you really stop technological progress? These graphs show where we have been and where we are going. We do live in truly amazing times.

Ray Kurzweil: A university for the coming singularity

Ray Kurzweil: The accelerating power of technology

[VIDEO] Bike Helmet of the Future

14 Aug

Amazing invention by two Swedish women. Watch this video to see how this new bike helmet innovation  works.

You can see the science behind it and purchase online at their website

The Invisible Bike Helmet

[MUSIC] Some Great Mixtapes to Download

19 Apr

DJ M-Rock has some great mixtapes to download available on his website for free.  Not much more to say about this… you can go to his website and get “Best of” mixes from:

  • Notorious BIG
  • Jay Z
  • Kanye West
  • A Tribe Called Quest
  • Nate Dogg
  • Michael Jackson
  • Guru of Gangstarr

Stream or download all of these mixtapes on DJ M-Rock’s website here.

[VIDEO] The Weeknd – performs live at Coachella 2012

16 Apr

Here’s the full The Weeknd performance from Coachella 2012 yesterday.  This kid kills it.

You can download all of his albums for free on his website here

See the full 1 hour performance here

The Weeknd Live @ Coachella 2012


0:00 High For This
3:41 D.D
4:29 The Birds Pt. 1
6:44 Rolling Stone
9:12 Gone
10:53 Crew Love
13:29 The Zone
17:12 The Party
20:09 The After Party
24:56 The Knowing
31:00 Outside
35:50 The Morning
40:18 House Of Balloons
43:55 Glass Table Girls
47:27 Wicked Games

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Food (GMO) – Shoppers Guide

23 Mar

ImageIt’s strange that in Canada and the USA producers are not required to label Genetically Modified Foods (GMO).  Even stranger is that companies who produce non-GMO foods are not allowed (or strongly discouraged) from labeling their products as non-GMO.  This makes it very hard for shoppers in the grocery store to make safe and sound decisions for their families.

Here’s a brief guide that will help you in choosing the best products for your family when grocery shopping.  Note that this guide is in no way comprehensive… there are literally millions and millions of products available on grocery shelves and this guide just covers a few hundred.  GMO labeling laws are the only thing that could help consumers truly know what they are buying and help them make the right decisions when shopping.

CBC News Article on GMO Foods
Official Health Canada mandate on Genetically Modified Food

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