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DEB Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2013 Photos

23 Aug

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there in person this year so I’m living vicariously through the photos.  If you missed it, you can too.  If you were there, here are some links to the best Diner en Blanc Vancouver photos for 2013.

I’ll be updating this post as more DEB photo galleries come online.

Photos from Twitter tagged with #DEBVan

Vancity Buzz – 25 Amazing Diner en Blanc 2013 Photos

The Province – Diner en Blanc Sweeps through Vancouver

The Vancouver Sun – Diner en Blanc Sets Up Next to Science World

The Glass Eye – Diner en Blanc Vancouver Photo Gallery

Maurice Li Photography – Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2013 Photo Gallery

After Dark With Rick Chung – Diner en Blanc 2013 x Secret Dinner x Science World

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Photo Credit: The Glass Eye

Photo Credit: The Glass Eye

Photo Credit: Maurice Li

Photo Credit: Maurice Li

Photo Credit: Maurice Li

Photo Credit: Maurice Li

Rap Quotes of Famous Street Corners

2 Apr

Very cool art project by Jay Shells “Rap Quotes”.

For this ongoing project, Shells created official-looking street signs quoting famous rap lyrics that shout out specific street corners and locations. He then installed them at those specific street corners and locations.

More details at Animal New York website

rap-quotes-jay-shells-1 rap-quotes-jay-shells-2 rap-quotes-jay-shells-3

[VIDEO] TEDxVancouver Confluence 2012 Videos

26 Oct

What an excellent event. Thank you to all who attended this year’s TEDxVancouver event.

Here are the videos from the event.  You’ll find a lot of the backstage TEDx videos from our sponsor Future Shop.  Some great interviews with all the TEDxVancouver speakers by Elliott Chun @elliottchun.

Behind the Scenes Set Up Video by Clayton Goodfellow of Georgia Street Media

Kristin Westdal – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Chen Lizra – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Mark Brand – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Eric Winsborrow – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Doug Schmitt – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Natalie DeFreitas – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Joel Solomon – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Lainey Gossip – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Robin Esrock – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

Riaz Meghji (Host) – Behind the Scenes at TEDxVancouver Video

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[PICS] TEDxVancouver Confluence 2012 Photos

23 Oct

Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who helped to organize this year’s TEDxVancouver 2012 – Confluence event.  All the feedback we’ve had so far has been great and it seems like the attendees had an excellent time.

Here are lots of photo galleries from the TEDxVancouver 2012 event.

Here’s me just before the massive crowds 🙂

(Maurice Li photo)

Here’s everyone

(Rishad Daroowala photo)

Here are all the speakers (Robin Esrock, Natalie De Freitas, Mark Betteridge, Elaine Lui (aka Lainey gossip), Mark Brand, Kristin Westdal, Dr. Jean Carruthers, Dr. John Izzo, Eric Winsborrow, Doug Schmitt, Joel Solomon, Chen Lizra, John Bromley and host Riaz Meghji.)

(Rishad Daroowala photo)

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[PICS] Diner en Blanc Vancouver – Inaugural Event Recap

31 Aug

Thank you so much to 1,200 participants in the first ever Diner en Blanc in Vancouver. You all looked great and the organizers appreciate the efforts you made to look good, prepare an excellent table and excellent food.

I look forward to hosting you again at next year’s event in another spectacular location 🙂


Here’s a recap of the event in photos.

Here’s what the Twitter is saying

From photographer Maurice Li

From photographer Jonathan Evans

From the Vancouver Sun

From Metro Vancouver Newspaper

From CTV News

From Vancity Buzz

From The Province

From Vancouver Is Awesome

From Caya

From Follow Me Foodie Blog

From Joshua Langston of The Social Life


Vancouver Canucks Facebook Cover Images for the Stanley Cup 2012

9 Apr

Last year during the Canuck’s epic Stanley Cup run I posted some great Canucks profile icon images from Australian photographer / designer Rob Masefield (@masey).

Well the Canucks have just won their 2nd President’s Trophey in a row and are kicking off their playoff / Stanley Cup run this Wednesday and Masey has designed some great Facebook profile cover photos for Canucks fans.  They are free to download from his website.  Here are my favourites.

Download Canucks Facebook Profile Cover Photos

Canucks vs. LA Kings Round 1

Johnny Canuck Facebook Cover

Superbowl 2012 – See And Play All Commercials Here

6 Feb

Once again it’s time to see what millions of dollars in advertising budgets can create.

Here’s a link that will auto-play all the 2012 Superbowl commercials for you.

Superbowl 2012 Commercials Playlist on Youtube

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Video and Photos

13 Mar

Wow! This is just unbelievable devastation. My heart goes out to Japan and I hope the best for a speedy recovery after this catastrophe.

In this video you can see the dry street after the earthquake … and then in less than 5 minutes entire houses start floating by. This is an amazing display of Mother Nature’s power.


The  Guardian newspaper in the UK has a massive photogallery of tsunami photos here.

Canada’s CBC has a lot of ongoing details about the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear fallout from their reactors here.

How can you help?

The CBC has put together a relief page with tons of information about helping and donating to the Japanese disaster. Click here for full information or just click on this image below.

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