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[VIDEO] Mike Maloney How to Buy Gold and Silver

19 Sep

Here are a couple of excellent videos from Rich Dad advisor Mike Maloney that explain the basics behind buying gold and silver for yourself. Mike Maloney has developed into one of the foremost authorities on investing in precious metals and on wealth cycles.  You can read more details and get updated gold and silver pricing on his website www.goldsilver.com.

Why Gold & Silver? Mike Maloney Tells All About Investing In Precious Metals

Mike Maloney – Silver & Gold Debt Collapse

Buy Mike Maloney’s book on Amazon :: Rich Dad’s Advisors Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

Where to buy gold and silver in Vancouver?

VBCE Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange (3 locations)
800 West Pender Street
(604) 685-1008

Benny Lee & Company
619 West Hastings @ Granville
(604) 683-4241

More Online Resources

Sprott Money
Casey Research
Elevation Group

NOTE!! Never buy or sell gold from one of those Cash For Gold or “Send us Your Gold” dealers. Never, never, never. Only buy and sell from a reputable dealer.

Disclaimer: I am posting these for information purposes and I am not giving you financial advice or telling you to buy gold or silver. Please consult a licensed professional before making financial decisions.

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