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Watch the 6S Webinar: 10 Things I’ve learned the Hard Way About the Internet

8 Feb

A friend of mine, Chris Breikks has just recorded a free webinar outlining some of the biggest lessons he’s learned in 10 years since starting 6S Marketing.  This link is to their blog where you can find the link to the video, audio and Power Point slides for the presentation (available free for 90 days.)

Great presentation Chris, I learned some things and got some good insights on entrepreneurship, getting contracts signed and generally doing business online.

Click here for 10 Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way About the Internet by Chris Breikks from 6S Marketing.

256 Must-Read Content For All Tech Entrepreneurs.

19 Oct

Link: 256 Must-Read Content For All Tech Entrepreneurs.

Here’s a giant list of books, blogs, videos etc all about Entrepreneurship, Starting a Company, Ideas, Products and Strategy, Running a Company, Culture, Building a Team, Sales, Marketing and the list goes on.  Needless to say, you should click this link and look through at least a few of these.  I’ve started reading some of these and I don’t know if I’ll ever be done. That doesn’t even count the ones I want to re-read later.

Thanks to @thenetworkhub for the tip.

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