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[VIDEO] The Bank of Canada and the Origins of Canadian Money

9 Oct

There is a lot of information out there on the interwebz about the United States Federal Reserve and the many people who want to “End the Fed” and “Audit the Fed”… you can easily search online and find all the varying opinions you want.

Did you know that Canada also issues its currency as debt via private banks?  We have a law that gives the Bank of Canada the right to create our money, yet we get our money from private banks – with interest.

The people in these videos have researched the subject much more than I ever could and explain it more eloquently. This should be required viewing for all Canadians to see where our money actually comes from and how we build up such substantial debts and deficits.

A lawsuit against the Bank of Canada to bring back money creation to the Bank of Canada.

A 12 year old girl, Victoria Grant explains it to the Public Banking in America Conference in April 2012

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