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KLM #Fly2Miami follow up post

7 Apr

Last week I posted about KLM’s great interaction with customers via Twitter to schedule a special direct flight from Amsterdam to Miami so Dutch DJs, bloggers, press and music fans could attend WMC Winter Music Conference and Ultra Festival without having to switch planes or do layovers as they had to do in the past.

Here’s a great follow up video produced by KLM themselves that shows the party on the flight and is an excellent promo piece proving they are in touch with their customers and down with the younger generation.  You’ll see people dancing in the aisles, the DJ set up and a bar.  Apparently even the pilot was a DJ.  As an interesting aside, this flight won a Guiness World Record as the “Highest altitude dance party”.

See the video below.  The second video is some behind-the-scenes footage of Sied van Riel and Wilco Jung (organizers) meeting with KLM at their office and making preparations for the flight.  The third video shows the Miami Dade  Fire Department coming out to greet the inaugural flight with a little water show.

This is a prime example of how large companies can listen to their customers and use social media for positive press and PR.  I don’t have access to all their info but I would love to see the social media ROI on this little promotion that they set up for free on a Twitter bet. Brilliant.

Fly2Miami Twitter account
#fly2miami buzz onTwitter
#fly2miami on Google
#fly2miami buzz on Google

KLM official video of the flight

Sied van Riel and Wilco Jung preparations for the flight

Miami Dade Fire Department water show arrival

Lunch with Laurent – Michael Grudman of Mogul Media

12 May

Lunch With Laurent – Michael Grudman from Mogul Media Corp.

Last week I had a great lunch with an old time  friend in the film industry, Michael Grudman. Nuba Lebanese Restaurant was the locale and we munched on some chicken, lamb, blackened cauliflower, pitas and humous.  You really must stop into this place for lunch (Hastings @ Cambie, on the corner.)

Mike works distribution in the film industry. His company, Mogul Media, buys, markets and sells various film and television properties.  Of course we discussed his glamourous film life on yachts in Cannes and Monaco, but that’s not where it ends.  Mike let me in on a great new marketing play he’s developed that  Continue reading

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