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Public Enemy plays Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver 2010

28 May

Public Enemy plays Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver photo stickers still up since 2004

27 May stickers still up since 2004. I love seeing these.  This specific sticker was printed even before we had an official logo designed.  This logo was a proof done by a graphic designer friend while setting up the company.

Free ticket to Freelance Camp Vancouver – Sat May 29

18 May

I just bought a ticket to Freelance Camp Vancouver – Saturday May 29 without looking at the date. I will be out of town that weekend and can’t make the event.

Rather than refund the ticket, I’m giving it away to someone who deserves the ticket and otherwise couldn’t attend.  Here is all the event info

If you would like 1 free ticket to the upcoming Freelance Camp Continue reading

Lunch with Laurent – Victoria Chemko of

18 May

Lunch with Laurent – Victoria Chemko of

Today’s lunch was more a coffee and sandwich situation.  The locale is an art gallery / coffee shop in Yaletown with Victoria Chemko who writes the Victoria’s Food Secret blog and was formerly of Elastic Path enterprise eCommerce software.

Victoria is looking to launch a new eCommerce business or looking to partner with someone who wants Continue reading

Use Freshbooks for your invoicing

17 May

[edit: If you sign up for Freshbooks, please use this link and we can both make a little piece 🙂 ]

I’ve been using a community site called since meeting their CEO last week and their forums are making me type out useful posts in reply to other users there.  The CRM posting I wrote last week came from there and today’s posting about Freshbooks invoicing service was written in response to another user on there.  Here it is below:

What tool do you use for invoicing your consulting clients?

I am a huge fan of It’s a very simple and solid system. It’s very easy to Continue reading

Perfect photo of Tiger Woods the golf player

15 May

My friends all laughed at me when I commissioned that painting, but who is laughing now?

Lunch with Laurent – Brian Thompson from Thorny Bleeder Records

14 May

Today`s Lunch with Laurent was with Brian Thompson who manages the online strategy, website strategy and social media strategy for Thorny Bleeder Records.  He’s got a tight stable of bands and artists that rely on him to use the internet to get word out about their music, videos and live shows.  3 specific types of people benefit from reading his blog each week – music industry people who want to learn about using the internet to blow up your band, group or artist; artists who also want to pull online promotion tips and tricks from his blog; and regular music lovers who go to his site for tonnes of free music downloads Continue reading

Turd Wrangler Photo

13 May

Official Turd Wrangler

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